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An Australian woman opted to go through a cosmetic surgery 10 years ago on her vagina  now regrets her decision of going through this very cosmetic surgery and she has also warned others to not to go through this procedure. Queensland mother Jasmine, who had requested not to reveal her last name, shared this with SBS that, 10 years ago when she saw some of the airbrushed pornographic images in the media became very insecure with her body. She decided to go through this cosmetic surgery when she heard the guys talking about the protruding inner labia and that it meant that the girl with such protruding inner labia means that she slept around and it is very unattractive, in a reality show.

After listening to this Jasmine decided to go through an inner Labiaplasty (it is a procedure in which the inner lips of the vagina are altered) at the tender age of 19.  She was advised by her boyfriend and her mother to avoid such surgery. But then also she was adamant and she decided to cut out the entire inner labia and leaving only the clitoris and the outer labia. But now at the age of 31 she had deep regrets that she decided to go through the surgery as she still has this insecurity about her vagina’s look.

It is true that when she went the procedure 10 years ago the procedure was relatively new but with the passage of time it has become popular and more women are undergoing this procedure for achieving perfection.  In most of the cases, women undergo this very procedure because either their vagina causes discomfort or because of embarrassment. This very procedure also helps in improving the hygiene of that particular area and it also helps out in the intimate situation. But Jasmine still have this feeling that she made a wrong decision. She also has a suggestion for others that they should only go for it if it is required and not because of some media image created in your mind.

Dr Barnouti, Sydney Labiaplasty Specialist believes that Jasmine has had her surgery with a non specialist, that is why she ended up having a bad experience.  There are many techniques to perform labiaplasty and Dr Barnouti believes that Jasmine unfortunately underwent the wrong technique and possibly the wrong procedure.

In Dr Barnouti’s experience, Labiaplasty and vagina surgery are safe procedures when they performed by a specialist who is experienced in the field. As a matter of fact, it is a procedure with the highest satisfaction rate among all others plastic surgery procedures.

Video 3d animation of labiaplasty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MM0SRPqxYJA

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