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Choosing a surgery centre for labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is a procedure that should be carried out by a qualified person. Since it is a sensitive and delicate process, some qualifications must be fulfilled by the surgery centre.

Some plastic surgery centre does not perform labiaplasty so choosing the professional labiaplasty surgeon and clinic is a must.

Selecting a Professional Labiaplasty Surgeon

It is highly essential to find a reputable doctor that has a recognised experience in the labiaplasty field to assure to carry the surgery.

Labiaplasty surgery clinic undergoes an inspection to maintain highly standardised treatment and methods with reports written on the rating and performance. One precautionary measure that you can take is to ask the surgeon to produce their practising certificate before being admitted to the facility.

Surgeon’s History

The surgeon may be qualified but may not have the important history of similar surgeries. When choosing the doctor, go for one who has had some successful labiaplasty operations. Only then will you have the confidence that they are up to the task.

There are other three important details that you might need to find out:

Regarding the history of the surgeries, you should know the number of operations the surgeon has carried out and out of them, how many have led to complications.

Follow-ups are important, and as such, it would be vital to know if such a surgery centre has monitoring policy on the patient to ensure in the event of things going wrong, you can find the necessary aftercare.

Thirdly, the satisfaction rate of the previous patients will be vital in helping you form an opinion on who to choose. The higher the satisfaction rates, the better the surgeon. It just means that the patients are happy with the outcome of the procedure.

Area of specialisation

It is known the fact that doctors who have specialised in a field are better than the general surgeon. If they are registered to practice in the area that is relevant to labiaplasty, they will be more adept, and the results will be more satisfactory.

Just to be sure that you are getting the right person for the job; the person advising you to take the surgery should be the one who will carry out the procedure.

Next, make sure that you physically visit the facility and ask relevant questions related to the operation. It will increase your understanding your expectations during and after the procedure.

Ask Questions and Get Answers

The surgery centre should provide you with all the answers to the questions that you may have. The clinic should provide you will all the information regarding the kind of aftercare you should expect and the personnel who will be taking care of you.

Your surgeon will take you through an explanation to who you should refer to in case things go wrong. The personnel should also advise you on what would happen in the event the results are less than satisfactory.

Lastly, the facility should furnish you with the breakdown of the total cost of the procedure, including the aftercare.

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