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Now while walking on the street, Petrina Adele who is of age 36 and from Central Coast, NSW smiles as she knows that they will never come to know about her secret. Even her friends and the family members will not know about the secret on their own unless and until she tells them. She says that no one will believe what she had done.
Through her experience she told that though it is invisible to others but it has changed her life completely. She was well aware that even if she spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery, even then the only person who will notice the change will be only her husband. The very reason behind this is the work which is done is on her vagina.
She tells that in her late twenties she never gave that body part or that region any second thought and everything was just fine and none of her boyfriends have ever said anything to her related to that region. But after she got married to her then partner Sam who was 30 years old and after she had her first child everything changed and it got very different from earlier. But she did not mind as she had a child and she got this feeling that she had joined a new group of women who had sacrificed their body in order to get the experience of giving birth to a child which in itself is a miracle. She was proud over her body for what it had done. While talking to her friends after the birth of her first child Leah who is now of 16, she asked them whether there will be any change in the feeling while spending some intimate time. One of her friends told her that it will never be the same and she giggled after telling this to her. But it made no difference in her life as she and Sam were happy that they had finally become parents and they were going to start a new chapter of their lives. But after four years when she had two more children: Sarah who is now 12 and Casey who is now of 11, she had this feeling that things downstairs were not the same as earlier.  Giving birth to a child does unforgiving things on a woman’s body and as she had experienced it three times she definitely knew about it. Then she got pregnant with her fourth child and after giving birth to Skye who is now 6 years old, she got this feeling that her 20 year self had completely changed and gone and will never return.
This not only affected her body but her mind too as she always had insecure thoughts as she was well aware that she was no longer the best of herself. She felt even worse when she had to tell her family and others because then she had to tell them that she was a mum of four kids. After listening to this, many of them would exclaim that she has four kids.

Her mind would then go overdrive as she was lacking confidence and she got this thought that whether they are thinking about how she managed her children or what her body has become like after giving birth to four children. She was well aware that this was not only happening to her but there are many out there who are experiencing the same. As she is a beauty therapist she got introduced to many women who were having the same worries. One day a lady even started crying in front of her and told her that she was very embarrassed and what she felt about her lady part. This made her think how painful and suffering this is and that there are many out there who are having the same problem.  Six months after the birth of Skye, Petrina and Sam got divorced. At that time she was 33 years old and she was also a mother of four kids. She realised that if she wanted to spend her life with someone else then she will have to start dating again. At the start, the thought of it was terrifying and the feeling of insecurity also resurfaced as she had a thought that which guy would like to date and marry a mother of four kids.  But her friends suggested her otherwise and they told her to go and have fun out there. After this she started dating again. She went on many but none of them were good enough until she met Adam who was of age 40. He was kind, honest and funny. After meeting him she knew that he was the man she was searching for. But the insecurity was resurfacing again and she had this thought that he would leave her once they got intimate.

She discussed her worries with Adam and to her shock he just smiled at her told her that there was nothing wrong with her and that she was just perfect. This made her happy and all her insecurities were gone. She got married to Adam in January of this year, nine months after they started dating. They got married to each other in a simple beach ceremony. She was well aware that Adam was not worried about the little issue which she had but then also she has this feeling that that she wanted to have their time in the bedroom to be amazing. Not only for her but also for Adam, because of this after a month of their wedding she decided to opt for vaginoplasty.
This was different from labiaplasty which is a procedure used for altering the outer appearance of the vagina, but vaginoplasty restores the vagina as the width of the vaginal canal is reduced in this procedure which makes it get tightened up again. There are many who still call this procedure “designer procedure”. She got the name of a surgeon called Dr Barnouti who performed this procedure.

To get rid of her painful thoughts and to start her married life she went to see the doctor. The doctor replied to her that the concern which she has is very common and the procedure involves removing of the excess vaginal lining and tightening of the surrounding muscles and tissues will be of mild pain. The whole operation cost was $15,000 but for getting rid from her worries she felt that it was a small price for her future happiness. But Adam did not think that she had to go through this, but for her happiness he supported her. He also told her that he just wanted her to be happy. In March of this year she underwent this operation. She had to go through a two hour procedure to get her old body back. After the operation the painkillers helped her a lot as she did not feel anything.  The effects wore off quickly there was just the pull from the stitches which made her uncomfortable.  The next day after the operation she was walking on the street there was a little smile across which was the indicator of her secret surgery. After six weeks, now she and Adam are having the time of their lives in the bedroom.  She wanted to discuss this story with other women so that they can also get rid of their worries and can become confident women as she is now.

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