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How Safe Is Labiaplasty?

Though more and more women are resorting to surgery of the vagina or labioplasty, questions have emerged over its safety. Some important bodies like the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists opposed to this surgical operation of the vagina. There are many risks involved, and in fact, the risks outweigh the benefits. Typically, you should understand the following possible hazards:

Infection Can Occur

The labia are a delicate part of the vagina. If the surgeon carrying it out does not observe hygiene, then one would be prone to yeast and bacterial infection. Personal hygiene is also essential, but since the threshold is high, one becomes susceptible to infections.

Bleeding After The Surgery

If the surgeon is not skilled enough in carrying out the operation, one could lose a lot of blood. Some women suffer more than others.As such, one should be aware of the risk of excessive bleeding. Some patients even require additional blood if the blood loss is high.Scarring, bruising and tearing is mostly responsible for the bleeding. The surgeon will usually administer anaesthesia to prevent bleeding.


You will experience some numbness after the labiaplasty, though temporary. This loss of sensation usually goes away after some time. Some women complain that they are unable to orgasm due to the numbness. If the situation persists, one should seek medical advice. The numbness is due to the nerves which are affected.

Loss of symmetry

The outer and inner labia lose the symmetry such that one is larger than the other. It may be due to the surgery has gone wrong or a malfunction which arises after that. Please visit out Female Genital Surgery Clinic Sydney for more information.

Change in pigmentation

The area where the surgery is performed experiences some changes in the pigmentation. This discoloration occurs during the trim method carried out during labioplasty.

Decreased feeling

One loses feeling in the area after surgery, and this could potentially affect sexual stimulation. The nerves could be damaged, hence loss of feeling.


As expected, there is pain during the procedure. The pain can happen during sexual intercourse. There also some discomfort and swelling after surgery.


Scar tissue usually forms in the area since there are several incisions made on both labia. Even after treatment, you will have some lump-like appearance which could be permanent.


Patients tend to have a breakdown of blood vessels in the area. As a result, there is a localised filling up of blood and formation of blood clots. It is something that should pay attention to.

Creasing on the skin

It is not uncommon to see wrinkles forming on the skin after the surgery. The stretching of the skin is due to the incisions made on the skin during the surgical procedure. In the same way, one could suffer from puckering.

Sexual dysfunction

There are many things which could go wrong from the original point of view. Loss of libido, decreased sensitivity and many other sexual issues could arise due to the labioplasty process.

If the procedure is done right, then labioplasty is an extremely efficient and safe process.

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