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Is Labiaplasty Worth It?

By definition, labiaplasty is a surgical procedure whereby the excess labia tissue is removed to eliminate discomfort in women. It is usually considered a cosmetic procedure where some women are not happy with elongated labia. For others, though, this could be a medical issue. Reviews on women have shown that comfort and confidence are two main factors which motivate women to go for this procedure.

There is, however, need to know the limits of the system and whether it is justified. To exhaust on this question, we need to look at the top 5 questions ask on labioplasty.

How To Know That You Need Labiaplasty?

Women are very concerned about appearance, no less on the labia since it is both internal and external. The external genitalia will erode confidence in women if they lead to pain during sexual intercourse or when exercising. As a result, women seek to alleviate the pain and discomfort by having the excess tissue removal surgery. The debate on what are healthy rages on as what may look perfectly normal to one may be abnormal in another. Having a physical examination will help allay your fears. You will also need to explain how you feel so that the surgeon can decide on the course.

Is The Cost Justified?

We UN deniably cannot escape from the fact that labiaplasty is expensive. Depending on where you are having surgery carried out, the cost of labiaplasty will set you back by a few thousands of dollars. For instance, expect to pay anything in the range of $3,000-$5,000. The cost covers the fees for the surgeon, the anesthesia and the expenses incurred in the operation room. Your budget will determine whether you will have the surgery or not. You can search for the best offers online through asking for quotes. However, if you are doing it for cosmetic reasons and you have a tight budget, you may think twice about having it unless you have alternative financing options.

Can the procedure be done non-surgically?

Some patients would want to have the size of their labia reduced. Radiofrequency is one technique carried out. The labia will shrink for about six months before you undergo another treatment phase. The results tend to be more impressive on the labia majora than the labia minora. The temporary freeze of the labia rather than a permanent solution is an advantage. There are up to date no creams which are capable of shrinking labia. It appears that labioplasty is inevitable and particularly when one needs a one-off solution to uncomfortable labia during sex.

Will Sex Hurt?

The elongated labia will make sex unbearable.There are tags which become an irritation when having sex. Eventually, one will need to have them removed. It is apparent that labioplasty is a necessary evil; costly but at the same time, highly effective in alleviating problems effective sex in women.

Whether to have labioplasty or not is subjective, but going by the numbers, it appears that most women would go for it, cost notwithstanding.

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