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What is Labia, and labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is the reduction of the labia major (outer lips of the vulva) or labia minor (inner lips of the vulva). The process involves reduction of elongated labia or the modification of asymmetrical labia women get labiaplasty for different reasons.

one reason for a labiaplasty is the desire to reduce pain or discomfort experienced while wearing tight clothing (such as jeans or yoga pants) or playing sports (especially bike riding or horseback riding) or engaging in other physical activities. The second most common reason for labiaplasty is shame or embarrassment about the way their genitals look and the desire to change their appearance. Other times, women want to increase sexual function– a reduction of the labia or clitoral hood can provide greater exposure of the clitoris, allowing for increased stimulation. Age is another big factor which causes the desire of labiaplasty. Because when aging effects starts appearing on face and other parts of body, so these aging effects start showing their results on women’s vagina. As the skin of body get loose with age, so the skin of vagina too. The outer lips (labia) loose as bags. So this change reduce the pleasure of sex. Childbirth is most common reason to desire labiaplasty. Because with childbirth the labia and the surrounding vignial tissue, both internal and external, can change in shape, size and tone. Labiaplasty is most common in this group of ladies, who had more than two childbirths in 3 years.

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