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Labiaplasty Surgery

labiapastyLabiaplasty surgery is performed at our Sydney plastic Surgery clinics in Australia. The vaginal and labiaplasty procedure includes a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive gynaecological surgical services to beautify female genitalia and restore sexual function at the comfortable, state-of-the-art facility located in Sydney. Labiaplasty surgery is performed by our expert doctors, Who have, certified Cosmetic Plastic and Reconstructive surgeons with over 16 years of surgical experience performing hundreds of cases of labiaplasty, inner and outer labiaplasty, clitoral hood trimming, and vaginoplasty (Pelvic Floor reconstruction).

What happened in labiapalsty?

Labiaplasty involves the removal of wedge-shaped piece of tissue and re-attaches the labium in new position, so that the inner vagina lips no longer protrude beyond the outer lips. The surgery takes 1-2hr. Depends open each patient’s condition. The body dissolves the stitches used in labia or vaginal surgery.

After labiapalsty?

You will go back home the same day of surgery. You will require to come and visit us a week after for routine follow up. Each patient will be provided with aftercare sheet. Labiaplasty is not a painful procedure however you may experience some unpleasant and burning sensation that may last for 48 hours. You need to avoid wearing tight underwear after surgery for first 2 weeks. No sexual intercourse for 4 weeks after labiapalsty.

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